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Master your Mingle Ability

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Leave your wall flower self at home! Prepare to mingle!

Frameworks Training And Finishing Academy will entertain and teach us how to master our mingle ability.

In this fun and interactive session you will learn:

  • The cocktail party etiquette rules.
  • What to know before you go.
  • How to work the room with small talk savvy.
  • Dress the part to create great first impressions.
  • The body blocks and other body language signals.
  • The top 7 pitfalls of networking.
  • How to design a 30 second elevator speech that piques interest and promotes conversation.
  • How to navigate the cutlery and dining decorum.
  • Hosting and toasting tips and so much more.

To book Frameworks Training call: Sylvia Tishler 604.805.9815.

Public Speaking for the Executive Learner
One Day Seminar

Date: Jan 16 2016
Location: White Rock, BC

Click here for registration information.

Further dates coming soon

You will walk away knowing THE formula to make presentations that knock their socks off! and...
-Tips on using humor and visuals with your talk
-How to overcome nervousness before your speech
-Tips for the Master of Ceremonies
-How to prepare quickly for impromptu talks and speeches... and much more!
Contact me for registration information.

Do you have what it takes to succeed in your profession?

CEO's and Hiring Managers place higher importance on Communication Skills and Personal Image than Qualifications.

You need to ask yourself:
• Will your interview skills land you the job?
• Is your image sabotaging your success?
• Can you sell your product, your company, yourself?
• Can you speak & present your ideas with full confidence?
• Can you handle all kinds of customers, even the cranky ones?
• Can you navigate the cutlery at the company dinner?

If you answered even one 'No' you need Frameworks Training
Business Protocol Course. Click here for more information.

Time To Be Effective:

Time To Be EffectiveThe secret of success lies in the personalization of learning. In Time To Be Effective, you'll learn 19 practical training activities that will make your time management training event more relevant, practical and effective than ever before.


Mind your...manners

This month, Mind Your Manners!

Common Cellphone Mistakes

How well mannered are you? Take my Etiquette Quiz and find out. You may be surprised!


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